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    • Self-Employed Mortgage

    If you are self employed, getting a mortgage can be quite a challenge. In fact more so today then it was even a few months ago.

    • First Time Home Buyers

    You have dreamed about it, planned for it, and now you’re ready to make the biggest decision of your life!
    Save yourself the time and allow me to help you navigate through all the mortgage guidelines and terminology, lenders options, and interest rates.

    • Divorce/Separation Mortgage

    The unfortunate reality, is that many marriages end up in divorce. This does not mean that one of the spouses cannot take over the mortgage and remain in the matrimonial home.

    • New Construction

    Building your new home is a very exciting life event, however the mortgage process can be a bit more complicated than a standard mortgage. There are two types of new construction mortgages; a draw mortgage and a completion mortgage.

    • New to Canada Mortgage

    Home ownership is a dream we all share! I have access to programs available for permanent and not permanent residency status. The New to Canada mortgage is one of the more complicated ones to navigate.

    • Purchase Plus Improvement Mortgage

    Sometimes while shopping for your new home, you find the one….except…. it’s not perfect. Maybe it needs a garage, new windows, or even new flooring.

    • Commercial Mortgage

    Commercial mortgages are different, as there is no standard method lenders use, so they require a lot more expertise. Typically, the lenders give merit to the property as well as the financial strength of the borrower and pricing is based on the overall risk.

    • Investment Property

    As time passes, the value of real estate increases. Before buying an investment property, whether that is to rent out, or use as a vacation home, there are certain factors to consider before buying.

    • Mortgage Refinance

    If you have been dreaming of a home renovation project, planning for your children’s future, or wanting to access equity in your home for debt consolidation or investments, a mortgage refinance may be a great option.